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Caesar C. Butura, DDSOral and Maxillofacial Surgeon

“Being able to smile for photos with my grand kids without worrying my teeth are going to fall out, is all a man like me can ask for. ” J.R

  “I should of got them sooner, life is too short! It’s never too late.” J.R. 

I wasn’t sure if I would be a candidate for dental implants to help support my upper denture that I truly was unhappy with from day one. I rarely wore my denture because it made me gag and dental adhesives (trust me I tried them all) were no help to keep them in place.  I found myself smiling less and unable to eat certain foods that I love, with the people I love, without being embarrassed. I am a very active and supportive Grandpa to both of my grandchildren who participate in multiple martial arts and perform musically and when I would pose for photos with them, I seemed to hide behind my smile. Since I’ve had my dental implants placed I’ve been smiling a whole lot more.  I feel and look 10 years younger and my confidence has improved tremendously! No more denture adhesives needed and no more hiding behind my smile! My family and friends have noticed the changes and are super supportive and happy that I chose to invest in myself, my smile and back to eating the foods I love.  My life has changed and when it’s time to pose with my grand kids, I don’t hold back because life is too short and I want them to not only know how proud I am of them, but also be able to see it. Remember a picture is worth a thousand words.  So if you are like the old me and hate traditional dentures and the frustration that comes from them, then call Dr Butura and his team! The experience from day one was incredibly easy and the sense of comfort radiated through the office.  Thank you again Dr. Butura, Eileen, Sharon, Lori and Marie for helping me through the process and helping me get my life and confidence back.

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