Our Latest Patient Testimonial

I just had a tooth extracted and bone graft put in a couple days ago. I was very nervous and scared (mostly because of past traumatic experiences at dental offices). I have to say Dr. Butura is an excellent oral surgeon. He not only took the time to learn my symptoms but he also explained the procedure, which gave me a sense of reassurance. I never really felt pain and he made sure I was ok while he was treating me. Dr. Butura's  staff was super nice and friendly to me , thank you Marie for going the extra mile to help me feel comfortable during the procedure. I left his office feeling relieved because my experience here was definitely pleasant and pain free. I also have gotten a couple calls since my visit  from his office to ask me how I am recovering. My pain is very minimal and I am recovering very well. Thank you Dr. Butura for genuinely caring for your patients and being an awsome oral surgeon, and thank you to your awsome staff

- Jessica T

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