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Confession of a confirmed "antidentite" (a person who hates going to a dentist) In Aug 2019 I was informed that I had a tooth that was split in two from top to bottom. The dentist said it would become infected and needed to be removed. He further said that because of the location the removal would need to be done by an oral surgeon. Now in my mental filing system "oral surgeon" is filed right next to "assassin"......so I was not pleased at this news. When I got to my initial meeting with Dr Butura the people in the office were extremely pleasant, efficient and friendly. (I wondered if they were just trying to prepare me for the ordeal ahead....but no they are really wonderful) Dr Butura explained what the options for treatment were...he was detailed and clear...and answered any and all questions. (Unfortunately he gently, but firmly rejected my option of a couple drops of Gorilla glue and a band around the tooth......I made this in jest, but he said some have actually tried it; unfortunately with severe negative consequences.) There was no rush, as is so often the case. He was patient, clear and reassuring. The day of my feared execution..... When i arrived the staff was very friendly and reassuring that this would be easy. The Bible says: "It is appointed unto man once to die" and I wondered if this was going to be my appointment....... Dr Butura came in and said "lets take a look". He rubbed something around the tooth and walked out. He returned in a few minutes and said: "open wide"....It was then I saw the deadly needle. he spent a few seconds doing something then he said; "OK... I'll be back in 15 minutes". I asked him when he was going to give me the dreaded shot? He replied he just did.....The shots were one of my biggest fears, and he did it with NO PAIN. He is the absolute best at giving shots I have ever met. I was now beginning to think I might actually survive the whole procedure. He came back and once again said: "open wide". He said you will feel a little pressure, but no pain.........A couple minutes later he repeated this......again pressure, but no pain. A minute later he stepped back and said; We're done". I could hardly believe it.....I not only survived....I felt fine.....no pain!!!!! The PA explained in detail what to do for the next several days. On the way out all the staff wished me well. I got a follow-up phone call the next morning. This was the most positive dental experience i have ever had!!! I whole heartedly recommend Dr Butura and his team. PS In my mental filing system I have moved Dr Butura away from "assassin" to two files down from "Guardian Angel".

- Paul W

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